2013-14 EABL Regular Season Award Winners Revealed

The EABL is pleased to announce the winners of the 2013-14 regular season awards.

Milton Keynes College’s Michael New Jr has picked up the 2013-14 MVP after a number of dominating individual performances as he averaged a league leading 29.1 points, 9.6 rebounds and 4.2 assists per game on 64.2 2PTFG% while leading Milton Keynes College to the number 1 seed from the All Midlands Conference. He picked up Player of the Week honours four times during the season to lead the league.

Harris Academy Beckenham’s Kavell Bigby-Williams earned the Defensive Player of the Year award after leading the league in rebounds at 15.4 per outing, and averaging a handful of blocked shots, while adding 20.7 points to boot. The 6’9″ big man is heading to Montana State University next year where he will look to continue his dominance of the paint.

SGS College’s Andreas Kapoulas has been named the 2013-14 Coach of the Year after leading the South West side to the only undefeated record in the regular season at 14-0. His side held teams to an average of 59.7 points per game, the fourth best mark in the league, and shot 41.7% from the field, good for third in the EABL.

Joining Michael New Jr and Kavell-Bigby Williams on the EABL First Team, are Ealing Hammersmith, & West London College’s Tyrell Isaacs (25.9ppg, 3.6rpg, 3.2apg), Copleston High School’s Luke Mascall-Wright (26.1ppg, 7.7rpg, 2.9apg), and BHASVIC’s Max Richardson (24.4ppg, 12.6rpg, 1.6apg).

Named to the EABL Second Team are assists leader Myles Laurent-Smart from Harris Academy Beckenham (14.3ppg, 5.5rpg, 9.7apg), SGS College’s duo Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye (16.5ppg, 6.9rpg, 5.3apg) and Tamas Okros (16.4ppg, 10.9rpg, 1.9apg), Myerscough College’s Andre Gayle (19.5ppg, 6.9rpg, 3.5apg) and Loreto’s Kingsley Nwagboso (11.3ppg, 9.7rpg, 1.0apg).

For the conference awards, Myerscough’s Andre Gayle picks up the North Sea Conference Player of the Year, and Loreto’s Kingsley Nwagboso the Defensive Player of the Year.

The aforementioned MVP, Mike New Jr takes home the All Midlands Conference Player of the Year, with Sam Turner from Derby College/Noel Baker School being named Defensive Player of the Year.

EABL Defensive Player of the Year Kavell Bigby-Williams also doubles up with the South East Conference Player of the Year, and Defensive Player of the Year.

Finally, in the South West Conference, EHWLC’s Tyrell Isaacs picks up the Player of the Year, with SGS College’s Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye picking up Defensive Player of the Year.

For the conference coaches awards, Neal Hopkins (Myerscough College, North Sea Conference), Mark Jarram (Charnwood College, All Midlands Conference), Andreas Kapoulas (SGS College, South West Conference) and Nick Drane (Copleston High School, South East Conference), were all honoured as the respective winners of each region’s Coach of the Year.

Andre Gayle (Myerscough College), Kyle Carey (23.5ppg, 9.2rpg, Preston College), Danny Horta Darrington (17.8ppg, 6.9rpg, 4.4apg, Tyne Met College), Pharroh Gordon (11.8ppg, 6.3rpg, 3.0apg, Loreto College) and Kingsley Nwagboso (11.3ppg, 9.7rpg, Loreto College) picked up North Sea Conference First Team Honours, while Ben Nkossi (21.8ppg, 3.7rpg, 4.5apg, Preston College), Eddie Matthew (16.0ppg, 2.7rpg, Tyne Met College), Joe Swindells (10.3ppg, 2.8rpg, 2.8apg, Loreto College), Emmanuel Kabengele (10.5ppg, 10.0rpg, Myerscough College), and Aaron Menzies (12.5ppg, 9.8rpg, Loreto College) were named to the North Sea Conference Second Team.

League MVP Michael New Jr (Milton Keynes College), along with Sam Turner (9.1ppg, 8.8rpg, Derby College/Noel Baker School), Tim Fava (14.4ppg, 6.0rpg, 2.0apg, Charnwood College), Emmanuel Burton (12.4ppg, 6.4rpg, 5.4apg, Charnwood College) and Linas Bajorunas (24.8ppg, 9.3prg, 1.7apg, Moulton College) were named All Midlands Conference First Team, and Kayne King (13.2ppg, 2.8rpg, 5.3apg, Derby College/Noel Baker School), Max Denham (12.9ppg, 2.9rpg, 7.2apg, Milton Keynes College), Eddie Brownell (19.9ppg, 4.1rpg, 1.8apg, All Saints Academy), Jamie Percival (12.6ppg, 5.6rpg, 2.2apg, Charnwood College) and George Calvey (8.4ppg, 10.6rpg, 1.0apg Moulton College) picked up Second Team honours.

EABL assist leader Myles Laurent-Smart and Kavell Bigby-Williams from Harris Academy Beckenham, Copleston’s duo of Sam Newman (19.9ppg, 4.0rpg, 5.8apg) and Luke Mascall-Wright, plus SEEVIC’s Bradley Wood (23.8ppg, 7.8rpg, 3.2apg) make up the South East Conference First Team, and Barking Abbey’s Calvin Nevill-Kintu (14.6ppg, 2.4rpg, 6.1apg) and Karolis Kundrotas (10.7apg, 10.0rpg, 1.2apg), Aidan Gastaldi-Davies (11.6ppg, 2.0rpg, 1.5apg, Oaklands College), Arif Sempala (18.3ppg, 12.1rpg, Hackney Community College),and Jono Hayward (14.6ppg, 12.1rpg, Northfleet Technology College) were named second team.

SGS College’s Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye and Tamas Okros lead the South West Conference First Team, along with Tyrell Isaacs (EHWLC), Max Richardson (BHASVIC), and Harefield Academy’s Sebastian Ferenc (22.2ppg, 16.0rpg, 3.3apg). Ferenc’s teammate Reuben Tatham Nunn (16.5ppg, 7.0rpg, 8.0rpg), along with Elliot James (18.3ppg, 3.0rpg, 1.1apg) and Elliot Dadds (14.4ppg, 4.5rpg, 5.3apg) from Itchen College, SGS College’s Deane Williams (14.2ppg, 10.8rpg, 1.0apg), and Ivybridge Community College’s Jordan McClelland (19.5ppg, 5.3rpg, 2.9apg) round out the second team.

The award winners were selected by an EABL panel in conjunction with coaches from across the league.

2013-14 EABL Regular Season Award Winners

MVP: Michael New Jr

Defensive Player of the Year: Kavell Bigby-Williams

Coach of the Year: Andreas Kapoulas

All EABL First Team: Tyrell Isaacs, Michael New Jr, Luke Mascall-Wright, Max Richardson, Kavell Bigby-Williams

All EABL Second Team: Myles Laurent-Smart, Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye, Andre Gayle, Tamas Okros, Kingsley Nwagboso

North Sea Player of the Year: Andre Gayle
All Midlands Player of the Year: Mike New Jr
South West Player of the Year: Tyrell Isaacs
South East Player of the Year: Kavell Bigby-Williams

North Sea Defensive Player of the Year: Kingsley Nwagboso
All Midlands Defensive Player of the Year: Sam Turner
South West Defensive Player of the Year: Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye
South East Defensive Player of the Year: Kavell Bigby-Williams

North Sea Coach of the Year: Neal Hopkins
All Midlands Conference Coach of the Year: Mark Jarram
South West Conference Coach of the Year: Andreas Kapoulas
South East Conference Coach of the Year: Nick Drane

North Sea Conference First & Second Teams
1st Team: Andre Gayle, Kyle Carey, Danny Horta Darrington, Kingsley Nwagboso, Pharroh Gordon
2nd Team: Ben Nkossi, Joe Swindells, Aaron Menzies, Emmanuel Kabengele, Eddie Matthew

All Midlands Conference First & Second Teams
1st Team: Emmanuel Burton, Tim Fava, Michael New Jr, Linas Bajorunas, Sam Turner
2nd Team: Max Denham, Kayne King, Eddie Brownell, Jamie Percival, George Calvey

South East Conference First & Second Teams
1st Team: Myles Laurent-Smart, Sam Newman, Luke Mascall-Wright, Bradley Wood, Kavell Bigby-Williams
2nd Team: Calvin Nevill-Kintu, Aidan Gastaldi Davies, Arif Sempala, Karolis Kundrotas, Jono Hayward

South West Conference First & Second Teams
1st Team: Tyrell Isaacs, Max Richardson, Sebastian Ferenc, Tamas Okros, Dwayne Lautier-Ogunleye
2nd Team: Reuben Tatham Nunn, Deane Williams, Jordan McClelland, Elliot Dadds, Elliot James

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