2014-15 EABL Season Sees Structural Overhaul

After a successful inaugural season following a full rebrand for the 2013-14 season, the 2014-15 EABL season will see further changes as the league continues working towards its goals of being the top junior basketball league in England, by which all others are measured.

The biggest change will see a new league structure, where the competition will be split into a North and South Conference with three divisions in each to make it closer to a true national league.

Teams will play every side in their own division home and away once, while also taking on every team in their conference once during the season.

The top eight teams from each conference will make the playoffs, which will be seeded within each conference (e.g. North 1 v North 8, North 2 v North 7 etc), while the Elite 8 quarter finals will become a seeded crossover between conferences (e.g. highest remaining seed in South will face lowest remaining seed in North).

The changes will give each team a greater opportunity to face a wider range of competition, while also providing the best opportunity for the season to have the most competitive post-season possible.

The 28 EABL teams have also signed up to be held to league-wide higher standards than last season, with sanctions in place for non-fulfilment, including the potential to be removed from the competition entirely.

Stats and video sharing, which was piloted last season, is being implemented in full for the 2014-15 season, while the league will continue to see game reports being filed for every game.

A larger EABL advisory committee has been formed, headed up by Chairman Jesse Sazant, which will continue to tweak what the EABL has to offer, as the 2014-15 season lines up to the most exciting season yet for the 5 year old competition.

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