Player Spotlight: Jules Dang Akodo

England Under-18 and Ealing,Hammersmith & West London College (EHWLC) guard Jules Dang Akodo (1996 born) has had a busy summer, representing his country at the Division A European Championships, before being ranked the number 1 player at Luol Deng’s first Deng Top 50 Camp. He is back in England this season for the first time in four years, having been playing in Slovenia with Union Olympija, and joined EHWLC to grace the courts of the EABL this season.

Jules is currently averaging 15.8 points, 3.5 rebounds, 5.5 assists and 3.5 steals per game for the 3-2 EHWLC Hammers, who sit in fourth place in the South.

Name: Jules Dang Akodo
Position: Point Guard
Height: 6’0″

What made you first start playing basketball and why?
I was always interested in basketball but back then football was my main focus, as basketball wasn’t really a big thing in primary school. When I got to year 7 at Stockwell Park High School I was introduced to the game of basketball by Dodi Butor and later on by Pedrag Krneta.

How would you describe your game?
Composed combo guard, pretty good defensively can get to the rim and finish with contact. Love to pass the ball, have an improved jump shot from the 3.

How is it to be back in England this season?
It feels good to be playing for my old squad but I’m not really planning on staying for the rest of the season.

How would you describe your time in Slovenia? Was it a big cultural change?
My time in Slovenia helped me mature, not just skills wise, but also mentally. To be able to see a play develop before it even happens. Culture wise yes it was a big change for me; the lifestyle the people and also the competition.

How was your summer with the England U18s?
My summer with the England U18 was interesting, as we worked towards our goal to stay in div A.
We had a lot of ups and down as a team, unfortunately I had an injury that didn’t allow me to play the first 3 games of the European championship. I was forced to sit sideline and watch my teammates battle.

What does it mean for you to represent your country?
It means a lot to represent England to be able to go out to all these different countries and show that England has great talent. Especially the European championship, the biggest tournament of the summer, being able to put that England Jersey on is just an amazing thing.

What have you been focusing your summer workouts on?
My summer workouts have been about getting my ball handling a bit tighter and most importantly trying to have a consistent jump shot from long range and mid-range.

How do you feel about EHWLC’s squad this season?
First of all I feel welcome at EHWLC. I feel like we could be a potential final 4 team if as a team we do the right thing and get it together.

What are your personal and team goals for this season?
My goal for now is to win as many games as possible ’til I leave. As a playoff team our goal is to reach the Final 4s.

And finally, what are your long term goals for the future?
My long term goals for the future really is to play at a very high level whether it’s states or Europe.

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