Player Spotlight: Shaquille Walters

In the first of our Player Spotlight series this season, we sit down with City of London Academy’s Shaquille Walters, who has helped lead the league newcomers to an undefeated start so far.

Name: Shaquille Walters
Position: Guard/Forward
Height: 6’5″

What made you first start playing basketball and why?
From a young age I was a pretty good athlete and taller than mostly everyone in my primary school at the time, so I was invited to basketball which I attended for fun. I enjoyed playing but not as much as football which at the time I was playing for the Fulham Academy, only to then realise I was better than everyone else my age at basketball, which is when I really started to enjoying playing. From there, I never looked back.

What has been your progression from when you first started to now?
My progression so far has been constant in terms of clubs and schools. From playing for Peckham Pride ever since I started playing basketball I have seen my role change from being someone who provides off the bench to someone that has become leader. This constant progression throughout has also seen me go from playing for London several times to playing for England.

How would you describe your game?
I describe my game as being versatile because of the different things I can do on the court; from the scoring, to rebounding, to assisting and defensively being able to guard the 1-4. This versatility is what mostly causes problems for different teams we go up against because I feel as if one is taken away, I can easily find another way to provide and help my team win.

Which player do you try to pattern your game after?
Kevin Durant is mostly the player I try to pattern my game after. His versatility to be able to do so many different things on the court makes him he hard to stop on both ends of the floor.

Who is your favourite teammate to play with and why?
I really do enjoying player with every single one of my teammates but if I had to choose a favourite it would Kemar Hawes. I generally think the bond of playing together since under-12s has carried out through my career creating a solidified relationship over the years. This has mainly seen us being able to understand what kind of shots we like to take, where from, the types of passes he likes, the list goes on. But I think these minor things that other team’s teammates don’t know about each other really helps us on the court.

What is your biggest basketball achievement so far and why?
Winning the under-15s national league with so many ups and downs, as well as winning the under-17 national schools whilst gaining the MVP award are my biggest basketball achievements so far. There are others such as being selected for England, London and DENGTOP50 but nothing can surpass the achievements of winning with my team.

How do you feel about your team’s squad this season?
This years’ team has a lot of talent and has left me extremely confident in all my teammates. The best way to describe how I feel is that the only people that can stop us is ourselves.

What are your personal and team’s goals for the season?
My goals for the team are always to win; this is something that never changes. My personal goals are to lead my team in any way that I can to win and whatever personal accolades come with winning will be good too but winning above all.

What are your long term goals for basketball and life?
When I leave CoLA my goals are to try and gain scholarship to be able to play D1/D2 Mens basketball depending on how this year plans out. I would then hope to then finish with a good career in Europe getting paid and doing what I love.

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