Player Spotlight: Andre Arissol

In the latest of our Player Spotlight series, we talk with Charnwood and former England Under-18 guard Andre Arissol.

Name: Andre Arissol
Position: Guard
Height: 6’1″

1) What made you first start playing basketball and why?
When I was in primary school my mum had an early shift at work so she had to drop me to school early, and there was a “hotshots” club going on in my sports hall, so I watched for a while, that day I got asked to join in and ended up really enjoying it.

2) What has been your progression from when you first started to now?
My progress from when I started playing basketball to now has been amazing. I never thought I’d be in the situation I am in now when I was 9 years old attempting to dribble a ball. I played for my local teams Northants Thunder and NEBC Titans, which is where I started to really understand my passion for the game and made the decision that I’m really going to chase this dream of becoming a professional basketball player.

My next step was moving to Loughborough at 16 to attend Charnwood College where I currently play. This was my real big step in my career because I was able to make the Loughborough University D2 team, and got an amazing opportunity to play and travel Europe with the England U18 squad.

3) How would you describe your game?
In my eyes, my game is very different, if I had to describe my game to somebody, it’ll be along the lines of I’m a defensive guard who can shoot the ball, and plays with a lot of energy and heart.

4) What is your go to move?
My go to move would be my crossover or in and out dribble to a spin move.

5) What is your biggest basketball achievement so far and why?
My biggest basketball achievement was making the England U18 squad, this is because when I first came to Charnwood aged 16, I had a meeting with Mark Jarram and told him that when I’m 18, I want to play for England, and that’s been my goal for the whole 2 years whilst at Charnwood.

6) How do you feel about your team’s squad this season?
I’m really confident in our team this year, we have a lot of versatile guys and once we start to click on the court, we are going to be hard to stop.

7) What are your personal and team’s goals for the season?
My team’s goal for this year is to win it all, we’ve always made finals and never quite got through to win it all, so this year is the year I want us to win it all. My personal goal is to reach my full potential I can in one year, and by the end of the year is to be heading to America on a full scholarship.

8) What are your long term goals for basketball and life?
My long term goals in basketball is to travel the world playing the sport and playing at the highest level I possibly can. What I want to achieve in life is to be happy with what I’m doing and have a good understanding of who I am as a person, and what I want out of life.

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