EABL 3×3 National Finals Set After Regional Qualifiers

The EABL 3×3 National Finals are set after a day of Regional Qualifiers at Nottingham Academy, City of London Academy and Oaklands College on Wednesday afternoon.

John Madejski Academy, BHASVIC, Charnwood, Myerscough, Bournville and Copleston will all be battling out in the National Finals to be played on Wednesday 11 January, 2017, after qualifying from their respective groups.

No team went undefeated through the day, setting up what looks to be a competitive Finals event early next year. In Nottingham, despite losing their first game, Charnwood won their last two to finish top, with Myerscough joining them through a tie-break.

“The 3×3 is a great initiative,” Charnwood Head Coach Josh Merrington commented, following his team’s top placed finish at the Nottingham qualifier.

“It’s really grown in the last few years so its great to see the EABL incorporating it in to the season. Our guys got off to a slow start in the first game but picked it up as the day went on and picked up two solid wins. We are looking forward to playing in the next round.”

With games tipping early afternoon in each venue, all fixtures were played under FIBA’s official 3×3 rules and regulations.

At Oaklands, Bournville also went down in their opener, in a one point game with the hosts, 15-14, but won their final three in a row, and with their only loss coming to Bournville, Copleston joined them at the National Finals with a 3-1 record.

Bournville Head Coach Nigel Hanson, said:

“(It was an) Excellent event. Most of all the guys really enjoyed it. You come hoping to have fun but once it starts competitiveness kicks in. The guys did well. Bring on the finals.”

Meanwhile, Ali Sbai led JMA to qualification in London through winning their first three games, but lost their final game on the buzzer to Barking Abbey.

“It was interesting, and we had a competitive last game,” Sbai said.

“First few games were good, we moved the ball and were making our shots but got away from that in the final game. We won three games and now we are advancing to the next round. It’s going to be tough, couple of North teams with their best players so it will be tough.”

The final standings for each regional qualifier are as follows:

City of London Academy Regional

1) JMA (3-1)
2) BHASVIC (2-2)
3) BA (2-2)
4) CoLA (2-2)
5) SGS (1-3)

Nottingham Academy Regional

1) Charnwood (2-1)
2) Myerscough (2-1)
3) Allerton (2-1)
4) Derby College/Noel Baker (0-3)

Oaklands College Regional

1) Bournville (3-1)
2) Copleston (3-1)
3) Itchen (2-2)
4) Canterbury (1-3)
5) Oaklands (1-3)

Full Results

City of London Academy Regional Qualifier:
Game 1: CoLA 13-6 SGS
Game 2: BHASVIC 20-18 Barking Abbey
Game 3: SGS 10-21 JMA
Game 4: CoLA 16-10 Barking Abbey
Game 5: BHASVIC 11-18 JMA
Game 6: SGS 9-13 Barking Abbey
Game 7: CoLA 5-17 JMA
Game 8: SGS 15-11 BHASVIC
Game 9: CoLA 8-15 BHASVIC
Game 10: Barking Abbey 12-11 JMA

Nottingham Regional Qualifier
Game 1: Allerton 13-10 Charnwood
Game 2: Myerscough 19-12 Derby College/Noel Baker
Game 3: Allerton 15-11 Derby College/Noel Baker
Game 4: Myerscough 8-21 Charnwood
Game 5: Charnwood 21-15 Derby College/Noel Baker
Game 6: Myerscough 21-13 Allerton

Oaklands Regional Qualifier
Game 1: Oaklands 15-14 Bournville
Game 2: Canterbury 11-15 Copleston
Game 3: Bournville 17-10 Itchen
Game 4: Oaklands 13-20 Copleston
Game 5: Canterbury 15-19 Itchen
Game 6: Bournville 14-12 Copleston
Game 7: Oaklands 12-21 Itchen
Game 8: Bournville 16-10 Canterbury
Game 9: Oaklands 10-11 Canterbury
Game 10: Copleston 15-12 Itchen

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