Inaugural Elite Leagues 3×3 Finals Coming to City of London Academy

The inaugural EABL and WEABL 3×3 National Finals arrive in London next week at the City of London Academy in Southwark on Wednesday, January 11th.

Following on from the Regional Qualifiers in November, BHASVIC, Bournville, Charnwood, Copleston, John Madejski Academy and Myerscough will be battling out in the EABL National Finals, while – in the WEABL National Finals – Barking Abbey, Charnwood, City of London Academy, Copleston, Nottingham and Oaklands will take to the floor.

The event will tip off at 1pm with final presentations scheduled for approximately 5:30pm.

“The 3×3 Finals event provides a valuable opportunity for the students and coaches to test their skills away from the traditional format of the game,” commented Basketball England’s Education and Satellite Clubs Manager Charlie Ford.

“It is also hoped that the Finals will act as a springboard for further 3×3 activity as we move forward. A huge thank you goes out to Jackson Gibbons & City of London Academy for hosting the event; I am sure that the 12 teams in attendance will enjoy the experience.”

All teams qualified from regional competitions at City of London Academy, Nottingham and Oaklands College, which featured every team involved in the EABL and WEABL competitions. The top two finishers from each region qualified for the Finals.

The EABL pools are as follows:

Pool A:

Pool B:

The WEABL pools are as follows:

Pool A:

Pool B:
Barking Abbey


Charnwood v Oaklands 1:00 JMA v Copleston
CoLA v Nottingham 1:25 Charnwood v Bournville
Charnwood v Copleston 1:50 JMA v Myerscough
CoLA v Barking Abbey 2:15 Charnwood v BHASVIC
Oaklands v Copleston 2:40 Copleston v Myerscough
Nottingham v Barking Abbey 3:05 Bournville v BHASVIC
3rd Pool A   3rd Pool B 3:30 3rd Pool A   3rd Pool B
1st Pool A   2nd Pool B 3:55 1st Pool A   2nd Pool B
1st Pool B   2nd Pool A 4:20 1st Pool B   2nd Pool A
SF1 Loser   SF2 Loser 4:45 SF1 Loser   SF2 Loser
SF1 Winner   SF2 Winner 5:10 SF1 Winner   SF2 Winner

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