Competition Format

Each season, the EABL is split into Northern and Southern Conferences.

Teams will play the other teams in their conference twice (home and away) throughout the regular season, and there is no cross over in fixtures between teams in opposite conferences.

The top four teams from each conference then advance to the playoffs.

EABL Playoffs – Elite 8

A. Northern 1 v Southern 4
B. Northern 2 v Southern 3
C. Southern 1 v Northern 4
D. Southern 2 v Northern 3

EABL Playoffs – Final Four

SF1. Winner of A v Winner of D
SF2. Winner of B v Winner of C

EABL Championship Game

Winner of SF1 v Winner of SF2

In all cases, the higher seeded team in any playoff match up (except the Championship Game) will retain home court advantage.