Charnwood College vs BMET James Watt College

Charnwood College pulled out an 81-58 win over BMET James Watt College on Thursday afternoon in Birmingham; though official it was a Charnwood home game.

Sesan Russell led Charnwood with 18, Joe Bielak had 15 and James Quirk joined them in double figures with 11 points.

Charnwood Head Coach Angel Navarro said:

“I was not really happy playing this game here in Birmingham in a tough moment where we need to feel our home court for next important games.

“Also, I knew that James Watt was ready for beating us but our third quarter was great and having some players out of the team for some different reasons I am really proud for the new ones joined this week showing that they are ready for last part of the season.”

David Stevic led James Watt with 16, Daniel Penkov had 14 whilst Malanga Sonko and George Illiev added 12 each.

It was James Watt who took the early advantage and control in the first half before a dominant third quarter from Charnwood saw them outscore James Watt 34-10 to take a commanding lead heading into the final period.

In the fourth the lead extended to as many as 30, as Coach Navarro rotated players the rest of the way.

After this important win,on Monday Charnwood will play against Myerscough fighting for the number one seed in the West, whilst James Watt’s regular season has now finished.

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