Charnwood College vs Derby College/Noel Baker School

Charnwood College got their third consecutive victory with an 82-63 win over Derby College/Noel Baker School on Wednesday.

The game started with an unbelievable blocked shot by Hosana Kitenge, one of Charnwood’s leaders, followed by to early threes from the home team.

Both teams ran two types of strategy; Noel Baker played zone all game, while Charnwood tried to get more rhythm with a press in full court that let visitors find open shots that kept the game close.

The rest of the game was noted for the lack of accuracy from three point range, and only some plays from David Likinyo kept the spectators entertained.

Charnwood tried to increase the advantage but Noel Baker really fought to keep some hope alive to win the game with Tzion Essel Jaji, Leighton Elliott-Sewell and Lue each scoring approximately 15 points.

The final quarter saw Sesan Russell with two important threes (as he finished with 16 points) and Morgan Carter with another 14. The difference was too big for Charnwood, despite not playing their best.

Charnwood Coach Navarro said:

“I am always happy if we win, of course, but today our shooting percent from long distance has been worse than other two game. I want to congratulate Noel Baker for the game and I hope we can go on winning games even when we don’t play our best basketball,”

Next week Charnwood College will have an important test playing away against Birmingham Met, while Noel Baker have a big test at home facing one of the unbeaten teams, Myerscough College.

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