James Watt College 64 – 70 Charnwood College

A battle for second place was at stake so on paper it was always going to be a close affair between James Watt and Charnwood, as both teams played the game the correct way and Charnwood grabbed a narrow 70-64 victory.

It was a close affair throughout the game as both teams came out showing plenty of intent to win the game. Neither team let the other get away too far as James Watt opened with a early 6 point lead but Charnwood halved that deficit with an early 3 point shot from Greg Durand, who eventually top scored for the visitors. The 1st quarter ended 17-18 to the Riders.

The 2nd quarter was a back and fourth affair with Charnwood taking the early lead but James Watt fought back behind Ian Rodriguez and Josh Ijeh who both had solid games for James Watt. The scores were tied at 35 going into the half.

The 3rd quarter was no different as both teams continued where they left off. Both colleges playing their contrasting styles of play and imposing their will on the other as the scoring see-sawed. James Watt were able to continue finding success behind Rodriguez and Ijeh while Durand was keeping Charnwood in the fight. That left Charnwood leading by just 1 at 53-52 with 10 minutes remaining.

The final quarter was slightly different. Charnwood came out aggressive defensively and were able to force some turnovers and convert on easy scores. James Watt never really got going while Charnwood continued their consistent performance throughout the 4th quarter which ended up being the difference in the game.

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