SGS College 78 – 87 Derby Trailblazers Academy

Derby Trailblazers Academy made a strong start to 2020 with a 79-87 victory away to SGS college.

The first quarter was close throughout with no side either to establish a clear advantage. Browne and Bowman had 7 first quarter points for each of their sides and Derby finished with a slim lead at 22-21. The second quarter followed in a similar fashion with both teams going on small runs. The visitors again with a slight advantage to lead by 5 at the half.

After the break Derby would take full control and maintain for the remainder of the game. 9 third quarter points from Alexander help the away side to build an 11 point margin which they extended to 18 with 3 minutes left.  SGS would rally late to cut the deficit but Derby held on comfortably for the win.

Blake Bowman led all scorers with 27 while Fin Woodward had 17 for the home side.

SGS captain Louis Weaver “We need to find a way to be better coming out of half time. This was a winnable game, we need to work hard to be better next week.”

Next week SGS are on the road away to Sheffield College while Derby return to action on Jan 29th at home to Manchester

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